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Add or remove roles

papAI is conceived as a workspace for your personal Data Science projects but also a collaborative one, especially useful when you work as a team or for a common project. Adding new collaborators is a really easy step.

All you need is to access to the project you want to share, and the top bar, select the Settings tab and click on Add Members.

settings tab

Settings tab in the project's flow

settings tab

List of contributors in the project

add members button

Add members button

Through the pop-up window, you type the email address of the collaborator you want to add and click on Add.

add button

Adding new member pop-up window


The people that you want to add to your project needs to have an already existing account on papAI.
The solution is to either create a new account or check if they use the right email address to log into the plateform.

When added, the owner of the project can select the role of each collaborator of the project to either allow or restrict some actions on the operations applied in the project.

Finally, to remove a collaborator from your project, you just select the icon next to the member's name and role to restrict their access to this specific project.

remove button

Remove member icon