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Import and Export a project

In the realm of efficient project management, the ability to smoothly import and export projects is a game-changer. Enter papAI, your go-to platform for effortlessly transferring project data, timelines, and resources. From initiating projects to collaborating with external partners, papAI streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on innovation and strategy.

This guide explores papAI's import and export features, providing a step-by-step walkthrough and best practices. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just a debutant, harnessing papAI's capabilities ensures smoother workflows and project success. Join us in mastering papAI's import and export functions for a new era of seamless collaboration and achievement.

Import a project

In case of having an existing project on papAI and you want to migrate into another papAI instance, importing it can be the best solution to avoid losing track of your work or some crucial data. Hence why we implemented this option to simplify the process.

To effortlessly bring an existing project over from another papAI instance, follow these straightforward steps. Begin by navigating to your project's homepage, where you'll find the pivotal Create project button positioned in the upper right corner of the interface.

From there, a dropdown menu will appear, offering a selection of actions. Opt for the Create project from archive choice. This will trigger the emergence of a familiar pop-up window, akin to the one encountered when initiating a blank project. The fields to be completed—such as project name and description—remain consistent.

However, a novel element enters the scene: the Archive Import box. This designated section enables you to import the essential Archive ZIP file from your local machine. This ZIP file encapsulates the entire workflow and datasets from your desired project, seamlessly integrating them into your new project environment.

Once content with your configurations, simply press the Create button. In a seamless process, your imported workflow materializes within the new project's framework. This encompasses not only the workflow itself but also the I/O datasets, culminating in a unified and cohesive project experience.

Here is a demo showing the project import process on papAI

Export a project

In the event of transitioning between different papAI instances, the crucial task of migrating your existing projects arises. This process necessitates a seamless solution that ensures data integrity throughout. It is with this challenge in mind that we present an innovative proposal: the ability to effortlessly export your ongoing projects from your current interface and seamlessly import them into a new one, all within the dynamic papAI platform.

To achieve this, the procedure is streamlined. Commencing from your papAI homepage, navigate to the specific dataset you wish to work with. Hereafter, direct your attention to the upper toolbar and click on Settings. By default, this action leads you to the Collaborators page, serving as a gateway. Subsequently, access the Project Settings tab located at the upper right corner of the interface. This tab serves as a hub housing all project-related configurations—a repertoire identical to that found during the initial project creation process.

It is here that an invaluable addition makes its presence known: the Export project button. With a simple click on this button, you gain the power to amalgamate every facet of your workflow, encompassing operations, datasets, and registries, into a coherent archive ZIP file. This comprehensive file is then at your disposal for download onto your local machine. The completion of the export procedure seamlessly sets the stage for the subsequent import step—an endeavor as straightforward as it is pivotal in ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of your projects.

By presenting this innovative solution, we aim to alleviate the intricate process of migrating projects, offering a pathway that prioritizes simplicity without compromising the sanctity of your data.

Here is a demo of the project export process on papAI