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Create a new project

When signing into your papAI account, the homepage pops up with a list of your already created projects (if it's your first time logging in, a blank page will appear).

create project button

papAI's home page with all your projects

In order to create a new project on the papAI plateform, you just need to right-click on the blue button located in the top right corner Create project and a pop-up window appears.

project pop-up

Project creation settings pop-up

Through that window, you can type your project name, an optional description of your newly created project but also the number of sampled rows needed to be displayed by papAI and the selection type (selecting the first or last N rows / selected randomly).


The selection of rows and the sample stats can be recomputed each time you enter into a new session if you toggle that option. It could be useful in case you chose to select random rows for your sample dataset.

recompute toggle button

Sample recompute option toggle button

Finally, you can choose the persistence of the datasets included in your project. There are three options :

  • No persistence: Everytime a new session is loaded, all the operations and datasets are reloaded and kept in temporarily
  • File system: The existing datasets are kept in a repository and instantly accessible when loading a session
  • Database: The datasets are stored into an external database of your choosing, connected through one of your connections created in the Connectors section.

persistency settings

Project persistence settings